A Rottweiler Incognito

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When we first adopted Yogi, we thought he was a Yellow Labrador Retriever mix. It didn’t take long for us to see that he lived up to the reputation of the sweet Yellowstone Park cartoon bear after whom he was named. He was friendly, gentle, goofy and affectionate. Yogi’s short-haired, orange-brown coat and goldish eyes were just extra factors on the adorable-ness meter.

We adopted Yogi through friends who run a local rescue league, Chesapeake Shepherd & K9 (CSK9). One of CSK9’s priorities as a rescue group is to find families and homes for dogs—particularly larger ones—for whom time is running out in shelters. As CSK9 tried to find a home for Yogi, he quickly befriended a young female Rottweiler named Mocha. She was among CSK9’s permanent family members. It wasn’t until we saw Yogi side-by-side with Mocha that we detected a striking resemblance in their head shapes and structures. If Yogi was part Rottweiler, it would also explain the black undercoat hiding beneath his orange-brown exterior. A Rottweiler incognito.

Yogi at Bark ‘n Bean

A canine DNA identification test later confirmed what we had suspected. Yogi was seventy five percent Rottie. I’ve always loved the breed, aware that these dogs frequently get a bad rap as being aggressive. Every Rottie I’ve ever met has been sweet as pie, Yogi included. Sadly, negative stereotypes about this breed persist.

Because of Yogi’s lumbering sweet demeanor, strangers often stop to greet him during our walks. They’re extra charmed when they find out he’s named after the famous bear. People are curious about his breed mix. When I mention that he’s mostly Rottie, my heart breaks a little when some folks stop petting his head or take a step back with a hesitant “Oh?” or “Really?” I want to say to them, “But he’s still the same exact adorable dog you just met 10 seconds ago! His love is like magic!”

Some of us have had the joy of having many wonderful dogs in our lives. We’re fortunate to know what it means to have had that “one special one” at some point, even more fortunate if we get to experience it more than once.

So to our Rottweiler Incognito I say, “Thank you, Yogi.” You are like magic.

–TLMutlu of Bark ‘n’ Bean

Book Signing at Bark ‘N’ Bean

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As we enjoy sharing local stories, we’d like to introduce our BNB friends to some local authors who’ve written some great stories.  Throughout the year, we’ll host book signings for some of our wash friends – to get us started we’re fortunate to have William Sells joining us Sunday, February 24th at noon to share his new children’s book, LEAF.  What better way then to start with something for the kids!

We’ll be serving complementary hot chocolate and snacks to help entertain our two legged friends.  Look for more information and announcements on facebook as we get closer to the date:  February 24th, noon to 2pm at Bark ‘N’ Bean.

Here’s the official buzz:
Together with illustrator, Michael Bracco, author William Sells has created a fast-paced, Tolkienish tale to enthrall readers of all ages delivering a poignant message for us to cherish and protect our families, our communities, and our woodlands.

Baltimore, Maryland (I-Newswire) October 25, 2012 – Author William Sells’ new book, “Leaf”, hits the bookstores just as autumn turns to winter and young readers are looking for a good book to warm them up. Sells is a former newspaper journalist turned freelance marketing writer, and an associate producer for Maryland Public Television. Together with artist Michael Bracco, the award-winning Novo series and Adam Wreck and the Kalosian Space Pirates graphic novel illustrator, Sells has created an adventurous community in the deepest part of our forests, which has been hidden from mankind for centuries.

The idyllic world of twelve-year-old Leaf, his family and friends is threatened by humans expanding their own realms as they chop down the ancient woodlands — and then they must deal with ferocious ant armies holding a grudge. Should Leaf’s colony stay and fight to protect their heritage, even though their forest might not survive? “Leaf” will capture the hearts and imaginations of young readers from eight to eighteen as they absorb this Tolkien-like adventure novel told at a breakneck speed.

Published by Mbedzi Publishing, Dallas, Texas, which currently boasts the publication of two award-winning 2012 Next Generation Indie children’s and young adult stories, “Leaf” will soon be available at your favorite bookstores, ISBN 978-0-9884634-0-0, distributed by Ingram.

It is an adventure tale unlike no other, the kind you will want to read aloud in that time-honored tradition to your children, the kind your children will want to read over and over again, the kind that never collects dust on a shelf.


Our Local Heroes

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Meet Princess.  This 11-year-old husky-lab mix has quite a story behind her voyage to America.  Her owner, Chad D., was stationed in Iraq in 2004 when a firefight erupted on the outskirts of Fallujah.  In the midst of the gunfire, Chad and a fellow soldier spotted Princess – just a puppy at the time – crawling and badly wounded.  Acting on instinct, they made a risky dash out into the open and pulled her from certain death.  Her hair was singed and she was wounded by shrapnel. Upon the unit’s return from their mission, the combat medic worked to put Princess on the path to healing.

As the Special Forces unit fell more in love with this sweet pup, they decided on her name.  She was their Princess.  She was trained in bomb sniffing, and eventually went on many missions with her soldiers.  Chad says she was excellent at sniffing out insurgents.

In 2005, Chad suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was blown out of a building in Iraq.  He lay in a coma for six months.  When he finally emerged, he was sent home to recover – and took Princess with him.  She was quarantined for a time, and then went to live with Chad for good.  The two have become inseparable.  Princess suffers from seizures due to the concussion she received in the blast, and has 30% hearing loss in her right ear.  She experiences separation anxiety when apart from Chad, and is protective and hypervigilant when she is with him. Princess also watches over her two sisters, Trinity (a rescue dog) and Athena, and the rest of Chad’s family.   After all, she was saved by them.

We are thankful for all our friends like Chad and are happy and proud to help with Princess’ dog grooming.  Please support our returning heroes.

Thanks to our barista Mary for writing this entry.

The Bark ‘N’ Bean Hall of Fame

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Bark ‘N’ Bean’s Friend Isis – Our first 200+ Hall Of Fame inductee!


Hello and welcome to the official blog of Bark ‘N’ Bean! We are more than thrilled to get started and to have the BNB family along for this journey with us.  As most of you BNB-er’s know, we have a “Hall of Fame” system for the Facebook photos that receive 100 or more likes.

This year, due to the overwhelming amount of cuteness from the dogs and their pictures, we have decided to change our “HOF” requirement to 150 or more likes. In addition to the new goal, we have also decided to reward those dogs who reach 200+ likes with a little-something-special from all of us here at BNB. Good luck to you all!

Happy heart, happy tails!

Olivia, BNB

Bark ‘N’ Bean

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affordable dog grooming

Coming Soon: News, Tips, Pics and Fun Stuff

Thanks from the Pack at Bark ‘N’ Bean.