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Our Local Heroes

January 29, 2013  |  News, WAG Stories  |  No Comments

Meet Princess.  This 11-year-old husky-lab mix has quite a story behind her voyage to America.  Her owner, Chad D., was stationed in Iraq in 2004 when a firefight erupted on the outskirts of Fallujah.  In the midst of the gunfire, Chad and a fellow soldier spotted Princess – just a puppy at the time – crawling and badly wounded.  Acting on instinct, they made a risky dash out into the open and pulled her from certain death.  Her hair was singed and she was wounded by shrapnel. Upon the unit’s return from their mission, the combat medic worked to put Princess on the path to healing.

As the Special Forces unit fell more in love with this sweet pup, they decided on her name.  She was their Princess.  She was trained in bomb sniffing, and eventually went on many missions with her soldiers.  Chad says she was excellent at sniffing out insurgents.

In 2005, Chad suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was blown out of a building in Iraq.  He lay in a coma for six months.  When he finally emerged, he was sent home to recover – and took Princess with him.  She was quarantined for a time, and then went to live with Chad for good.  The two have become inseparable.  Princess suffers from seizures due to the concussion she received in the blast, and has 30% hearing loss in her right ear.  She experiences separation anxiety when apart from Chad, and is protective and hypervigilant when she is with him. Princess also watches over her two sisters, Trinity (a rescue dog) and Athena, and the rest of Chad’s family.   After all, she was saved by them.

We are thankful for all our friends like Chad and are happy and proud to help with Princess’ dog grooming.  Please support our returning heroes.

Thanks to our barista Mary for writing this entry.

The Bark ‘N’ Bean Hall of Fame

January 5, 2013  |  News  |  No Comments

Bark ‘N’ Bean’s Friend Isis – Our first 200+ Hall Of Fame inductee!


Hello and welcome to the official blog of Bark ‘N’ Bean! We are more than thrilled to get started and to have the BNB family along for this journey with us.  As most of you BNB-er’s know, we have a “Hall of Fame” system for the Facebook photos that receive 100 or more likes.

This year, due to the overwhelming amount of cuteness from the dogs and their pictures, we have decided to change our “HOF” requirement to 150 or more likes. In addition to the new goal, we have also decided to reward those dogs who reach 200+ likes with a little-something-special from all of us here at BNB. Good luck to you all!

Happy heart, happy tails!

Olivia, BNB