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Book Signing at Bark ‘N’ Bean

February 4, 2013  |  News, WAG Stories  |  No Comments

As we enjoy sharing local stories, we’d like to introduce our BNB friends to some local authors who’ve written some great stories.  Throughout the year, we’ll host book signings for some of our wash friends – to get us started we’re fortunate to have William Sells joining us Sunday, February 24th at noon to share his new children’s book, LEAF.  What better way then to start with something for the kids!

We’ll be serving complementary hot chocolate and snacks to help entertain our two legged friends.  Look for more information and announcements on facebook as we get closer to the date:  February 24th, noon to 2pm at Bark ‘N’ Bean.

Here’s the official buzz:
Together with illustrator, Michael Bracco, author William Sells has created a fast-paced, Tolkienish tale to enthrall readers of all ages delivering a poignant message for us to cherish and protect our families, our communities, and our woodlands.

Baltimore, Maryland (I-Newswire) October 25, 2012 – Author William Sells’ new book, “Leaf”, hits the bookstores just as autumn turns to winter and young readers are looking for a good book to warm them up. Sells is a former newspaper journalist turned freelance marketing writer, and an associate producer for Maryland Public Television. Together with artist Michael Bracco, the award-winning Novo series and Adam Wreck and the Kalosian Space Pirates graphic novel illustrator, Sells has created an adventurous community in the deepest part of our forests, which has been hidden from mankind for centuries.

The idyllic world of twelve-year-old Leaf, his family and friends is threatened by humans expanding their own realms as they chop down the ancient woodlands — and then they must deal with ferocious ant armies holding a grudge. Should Leaf’s colony stay and fight to protect their heritage, even though their forest might not survive? “Leaf” will capture the hearts and imaginations of young readers from eight to eighteen as they absorb this Tolkien-like adventure novel told at a breakneck speed.

Published by Mbedzi Publishing, Dallas, Texas, which currently boasts the publication of two award-winning 2012 Next Generation Indie children’s and young adult stories, “Leaf” will soon be available at your favorite bookstores, ISBN 978-0-9884634-0-0, distributed by Ingram.

It is an adventure tale unlike no other, the kind you will want to read aloud in that time-honored tradition to your children, the kind your children will want to read over and over again, the kind that never collects dust on a shelf.